About Us


About PRIME sneakers & consignment

PRIME is a sneakers & consignment store situated in a former drug-store in the city centre of Utrecht. The shop has a broad variety of different sneakers for all.

The collection primarily consists out of collector items, old releases and vintage sneakers. Besides sneakers PRIME s&c sells clothing and caps of different small labels. PRIME s&c also sells graffiti spray cans of MTN’94, Montana Black and Molotow.

What is consignment?

Consignment placing any material in the hand of another, but retaining ownership until the goods are sold.

In this case it means you consign your sneakers at PRIME S&C and we sell them for you. Are you that person with way to many sneakers you want to sell, but don’t have the time and knowledge to do it? Or did you buy a pair or two of sneakers but never worn them, and now they are just laying around catching dust? Consigning with PRIME S&C is the simplest way to sell your sneakers. The sneakers must be new or used, but in good condition.

How does it work?

  1. You bring us, or send us, your sneakers.
  2. We help you determine the sale prices in accordance with reasonable market value using our know how.
  3. We sell your shoes online, and in our shop in Utrecht.
  4. You receive a cash payment for 80% of the final sale price once your shoes are sold. PRIME’s commission is 20%.
  5. We do reserve the right to refuse any items.

If you have any pairs you wish to consign, please contact us by sending us an e-mail at info@prime030.com to make an appointment for consigning your pairs.

For more or any other questions please don’t hesitate to
contact us.